Multi Family Flooring Services

We provide professional flooring services for anyone in the Mid Atlantic to Southeast.

Multi-Family Flooring

Multi-family housing requires a little more than your average flooring.

Flooring for Multi-family housing:

  • should provide a mix of comfort and durability in living areas
  • needs to be very durable in outdoor areas
  • may need to be sound proof
  • needs to be easy to clean
  • should be easy to maintain and repair
  • need to be safe for children to walk on

At Luxe Floors, we make it our business to know which products, techniques, and trends will suit each type of multi-family housing.

We serve commercial properties all over the Mid Atlantic and Southeast, so we can serve customers in most or all of their locations. We would love to help you with any and all of your flooring needs, so contact us today. You don’t have to know what you most want or need to get started; that is why we are the experts.